Registration for Virtual RotaryFest and the 6250 District Conference only takes 15 seconds and there is no charge.  Friends, family and non-Rotarians are all invited.  The RotaryFest Committee is working hard to make this a fun, exciting, fast paced event with lots of interaction and small surprises along the way.  Don't miss it!  Registration Link and Details.   Winston is not discouraging drinking and it looks like we may be having a few beers ... read more about that.
Tom Vinz (pictured) of the Lake Mills Rotary Club and his Rotary Friendship Exchange team (perhaps under table) were holding their own in this beer drinking contest in the Philippines in 2017 ... holding their own until District 3850  brought in reinforcements!  Now 3850 District Governor Raphy Tayco (pictured in the background with his thumb up) is attending Virtual RotaryFest and proposing to continue the contest.  Have your fridges stocked! :) 
Important Disclaimer: Beer drinking was an integral and important part of the team building necessary to get Global Grant #GG1638914 of the ground ... a water pipeline project which was dedicated in the afternoon prior to the event pictured below.