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November Edition

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District Governor's Message

November is Rotary Foundation month and anyone who knows me will not be surprised to hear how highly I speak of this special fund.   Created in 1917 by Rotary International’s sixth president, Arch C. Klumph with an initial contribution of $26.50 as an endowment fund for Rotary, its assets have grown to more than $1 billion today.

Supported by contributions from Rotarians and friends of Rotary, our Rotary Foundation transforms monetary gifts into projects that change lives both close to home and around the world.   Ending Polio, promoting peace and empowering Rotarians to approach challenges such as poverty, illiteracy and malnutrition with sustainable solutions are just a few of the ways this fund is improving people’s lives.

As one of the highest rated world charities in the areas of transparency, accountability and financial strength, our Rotary Foundation is the way we fund so many of the things that make us proud to call ourselves Rotarians.   I truly believe everyone should want to offer their regular support.

From now until the end of the month, any district 6250 member who signs up to make automatically recurring gifts to the Annual Programs Fund through Rotary Direct and submits their form to me prior to December 5, 2014 will receive matching recognition points equal to the amount of the yearly commitment.  For example, if you sign up to make a quarterly gift of $125, I will have it matched with 500 recognition points!  Just think; using that scenario, in less than a year you could be recognized as Paul Harris Fellow!  If you have any questions on the details of giving, please contact DGN Dean McHugh or me.

Although it’s still 6 months away, now is the time to begin planning to attend the 2015 District Conference.  This year’s event will be held at the Paper Valley Radisson Resort in Appleton, Wisconsin in conjunction with districts 6220 and 6270.  Called TRI-CON 2015, this promises to be the largest and most exciting celebration of Rotary ever!  Excellent speakers, outstanding entertainment and reasonable meal and lodging rates will make it possible for everyone to attend.  Discounted early registration is open now at our district website.

In this month’s video address I share some thoughts about our Rotary Foundation how easy and convenient it is for everyone to offer their support.   Thanks for watching and sharing too.

Dave Warren
District Governor 2014-2015
Rotary District 6250

District Video Message 



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District News, Events and Announcements


Has your club filed it’s IRS form 990?  Did you know you were supposed to by November 15th? 

Your Club is exempt from paying Federal Income Tax, but you must complete the applicable version of the IRS form 990.  Failure to do so for three consecutive years will result in the revocation of the clubs tax exemptstatus. failure to rectify this situation in a timely manner can result in a Rotary Club needing to seek reinstatement of its exempt status, or be faced with having to pay income taxes.  


Recognizing the fact that many Rotary Clubs may have a new club treasurer beginning with each new Rotary year we thought it would be good to remind you of at least the basic tax related filing requirements of all Rotary Clubs.
Rotary Clubs are exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code.   This exemption is originally obtained at the time the club is chartered under the Rotary International Group Number.   Although exempt from paying federal income tax, Clubs are not exempt from annually filing an “information return” which is some version of IRS Form 990.  Clubs with gross receipts that are normally $50,000 or less are only required to electronically file Form 990-N which is referred to as an e-Postcard.  However, they may file a Form 990 or 990-EZ if they so choose.  Clubs with gross receipts between $50,000 and $200,000 need to file either Form 990-EZ, or Form 990.  Only if a Club’s gross receipts are greater than $200,000 is a full Form 990 is required.  Since all Rotary Clubs have a fiscal year that ends on June 30, all 990 forms have a due date of November 15.   (The filing of Form 8868 will provide an additional 3-month extension of the 990 filing deadline.)  More information is available at .
In 2006, Congress passed the Pension Protection Act.  Buried within that law was the requirement that the IRS institute regulations that provides for the revocation of tax exempt status if a previously exempt organization, such as a Rotary club, fails to file Form 990/990-EZ/990-N for three consecutive years.  If this situation occurs, the Club should receive a letter from the IRS advising that their exempt status has been revoked.  However, if your Club doesn’t use a PO Box, or other consistent mailing address, it is possible you will not receive the notification.  Regardless, failure to rectify this situation in a timely manner can result in a Rotary Club needing to seek reinstatement of its exempt status, or be faced with having to pay income taxes.   Therefore, it is extremely important that Clubs ensure that these filing requirements are completed annually, and the appropriate Form 990 is filed timely.
We recommend that specific questions be directed to a professional tax adviser, or legal counsel within your Club. However, Dick Spencer, the District Treasurer, is also available as a resource if the Club has general questions regarding tax filing requirements.  He can be contacted at or (608) 793-3110.

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Would you like to participate in a National Immunization Day before Polio is just a memory? 

2015 Polio Immunization Program
Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, India
February 13 - February 24, 2015

"You will never be the same after you have looked into the appreciative eyes of someone whose life you have changed."

This journey will be a landmark event in your Rotary experience. It also may be your last chance to give the two drops of a polio vaccine to a child that will change their life.

This experience will combine participation in India’s National Polio Immunization activities, interaction with local Rotarians and their projects while visiting some of India’s most extraordinary sights. 

For more information Click Here for the brochure 
The material can also be accessed at  their website

If you are interested, act quickly, registrations are limited and typically fill within just a couple of weeks

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Short Term Rotary Youth Exchange for Summer 2015

The Did you know that Rotary has an alternative to the long-term exchange program for high school age students? STEP (Short Term Exchange Program) is a 1 month exchange program where a student from the US is matched with a student abroad. Each of the two students spends a month abroad at each other’s home, enabling the two students to spend a total of two months together. It is a great alternative for students who are unable to participate in the long term program. There is no cost to the club, and minimal costs to the student – a $250 application fee plus the flight and spending money.

A few key points of the program:

  • A participants’ family needs to be able to host a student in their home during the same summer that their son/daughter goes abroad.
  • Countries which participate in STEP are more limited than the long term program, but still many options in Europe and South America are available. 

Help spread the word to recruit strong candidates age 15-18. If you know any of the foreign language or social/world studies teachers at your local high school, please direct them to our website  and encourage them to contact me for more information. Applications (downloadable from the district website) are due February 1st for next summer.

Janine O’Rourke, STEP Chair
Fitchburg/Verona Rotary


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Club News, Events and Announcements


Fitchburg / Verona Rotary Club for our annual Wine Tasting Fundraiser 

The Rotary Cub of Columbus / Fall River is pleased to announce its second annual Harvest for the Hungry event. On Saturday November 15th at the Columbus Firemen’s Pavilion from 7 p.m. until midnight,  It will feature a talent contest and battle of bands with cash prizes, followed by a dance to the music of The Sharrows Band. This event will raise funds for the fifth annual Kids Against Hunger project to package 50,000 nutritious meals for needy families all over the world. Packaging will be at Fall River School on Saturday December 6th. Entry forms and tickets are available at Columbus and Fall River schools, and from Rotarians. Contact Rotary Club President Henry St. Maurice at or 920-318-0037.  

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RI News

The Rotarian Magazine

The Rotarian Magazine is our link to the greater Rotary world. The pictures and stories tell us of the wonderful work that is being done, in and through Rotary, to make the world a better, safer and a more peaceful place…all because we are advancing the key elements of social justice, health projects, and educational opportunity and alleviating the dire effects of poverty.

A person is not free if they are hungry. A man is not free when he has to watch his children die because of the lack of clean water or adequate food. A mother will not be free if her sick child cannot receive medical care and when people are not free they will seek social justice even if it means going to war to achieve it.

Our magazine, paid for in our RI dues, is not junk mail. It makes you and me “literate” in the great story of Rotary. Read it. Share it with others. Drop it off in a public area where literature is offered, a dentist's reception area, the waiting room at your local hospital or when you go to your accountant's office to pick up your tax filings. Plant the seeds of Rotary by sharing our great story.

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Update on Annual Giving

New RI Foundation Donation Forms

Club executive members can now download a Multiple Donor Form that is pre-populated (filled out) with details of club members including their ID number. This form is on at member access. Club presidents and club secretaries have access to this form. Also club treasurers and club Rotary Foundation chairs can get this form if they have been registered on member access by the president or secretary. Select the club members who have donated and add the amount of each donation. The new form makes it easy to forward donations from a group of club members who contribute weekly, quarterly, etc. More Info.

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Attendance Report

Reporting Tool for District Attendance

Check out the reporting tool for District Attendance!

Clubs can view each month’s attendance in a visual graph. Also Club Secretary’s can request access to update their information directly online!

Click here to submit your club's attendance report

Click here to see the full Attendance Report.


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