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March Edition

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District Governor's Message

With less than four months until the end of this Rotary year, there are still a lot of important events on the horizon.   Just take a look at our District’s Calendar to see them all.  None of these is more important than our annual District Conference.   Always a great celebration of our clubs’ many successes and an opportunity for fellowship, this year’s conference will surely be like none before!  With three great districts coming together on the 100th anniversary of each of our districts at TRI-CON 2015, everything from programming, food and entertainment will be bigger and better.   Remarkably, this does not mean it will be more expensive.  Online conference registration is only $15 and rooms at the Paper Valley Radisson Hotel are only $99/night prior to March 31.  Additional information and a link to register are available here.

In this month’s video I’ve focused on why all Rotarians should strive to attend a district conference early in their Rotary experience and why TRI-CON 2015 in particular is one no Rotarian will want to miss.  After you’ve had an opportunity to view the film, why don’t you suggest your club play it at its next meeting too?  After all, can you think of a more simple way to achieve 10% more fun?

So please take a moment to complete your and your family’s registration so you can join Lori and me and several hundred new and old friends as we all “Light up Rotary” together.


Dave Warren
District Governor 2014-2015
Rotary District 6250

District Video Message 



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District News, Events and Announcements


German Exchange Student, Maike, Returns Home

Since sharing information with you just weeks ago regarding the medical emergency our German exchange student had suffered, many of you have asked for an update. Jan Bonsett-Veal, our district's Youth Exchange Chairperson shared the following:

Thank you all for your monetary gifts, get well wishes and offers of support for Maike, the German exchange student who has been hospitalized here for the past six weeks. Her family is very grateful and touched by the outpouring of support.

Maike was cleared and was able to return home to Germany. Appropriate travel arrangements were complicated because she needed to travel by air ambulance or on a commercial flight outfitted with an ICU unit and accompanied, at a minimum, by a skilled nurse. A hospital and a rehab facility accepted her as their patient upon arrival back to Germany.

The doctors here believe that she is making good progress. On a good day, she is able to make vocalizations, use her eyes to answer simple yes/no questions and recognize familiar faces. She can sit for periods of time in a special chair. She still struggles with neuro storms, which are typical for individuals with traumatic brain injury, but is considered to be stable.

Her family is thankful to haver her back in Germany so she can get into a familiar routine and begin the intensive rehabilitation phase of her recovery. 

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Testimonial on Gifting Paul Harris Fellows

My Story
I was raised in a Rotary Family.   Starting at age 5 my father gave me the opportunity to help me sell Kringles in the mall with his fellow Rotarians, and I met a lot of great mentors.  Thanks Dad! While growing up, my father opened up our home to 4 exchange students, and I now have 4 more sisters around the world.   Thanks Dad!   My father sent my sister on Exchange to Brazil for a year, allowing me to grow on my own, and developing an appreciation for my family.  Thanks Dad!  In High Shool, my father funded my short term exchange to Germany during the summer.   Thanks Dad!   As a College Graduation gift, my father funded my part of a Rotary trip to Haiti to help with their wells and install computers in their schools.   Thanks Dad!   After finding my first job, and looking for a part in my community, my father reached out through his contacts and had me invited to a Rotary meeting in my community.  Thanks Dad!    Four years later, Mom and Dad surprise me visiting at my own club’s meeting, where I am called up and presented with a Paul Harris Fellow.   I was confused at first.   “There has to be some mistake,” I thought as I got up, smiled and accepted this recognition.  Then they said that it was given by my father. Then the confusion turned to a bit of anger.   “Dang it Dad!”
I thought, ”I’m still $200 short of earning this on my own!”
Up until that point I was a 3 year EREY member,  regularly thinking about what more I can do to give.  However, something happened when I was “given” a PHF.  My foundation giving stopped, and I cannot tell you why.

Here I am, 4 years later, getting ready to take on the presidency of my own club, and I have finally now earned my PHF+1.  The feeling I have earned it by my own giving brings me such joy, and gives me energy to keep on giving.

I have discussed PHF with other Rotarians who have been “Given” a PHF.  Many of them were confused when they received it.   What did I do to deserve this?  I didn’t earn this!   While all of these Rotarians had given of their time and energy to do great work, and all are worthy of recognition for their hard work, rarely do they feel worthy unless they have earned it themselves.

However,  I can tell you that I am motivated my matching points and challenge points.  Just like Bill & Melinda gates do with Polio dollars, and the foundation does with Grants, multiplying the 1 dollar you give to be worth more is a great opportuniy, but in order for a match to occur, you must be willing to give yourself.    I think this is the key to utilizing points.  If you want to recognize someone with a PHF, recognise a non-rotarian.   If you want to give points to Rotarians, use it as an incentive with matching points to get them involved.      Their actions dictate what they earn, nothing is just given.  As the old proverb goes,”Give a man a fish, they eat for a day, teach a man to fish, they will eat for a lifetime”.  
Bob Spencer
La Crescent Rotary, President Elect.


Foundation Celebration!



Now's the time to get your students registered for the 2015 RYLA. It will be held May 8 - 10 at Upham Woods in Wisconsin Dells. Spots are limited and always fill up fast. Details can be found at . Please share this information with your clubs today.

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2015 Grant Managment Seminar Schedule and Registration

In order to be eligible for a foundation grant, clubs must attend a Grant Management Seminar for the current Rotary year.  Even if somebody from your club attended one in 2014, you still must have at least one, preferably 2, of your club members go through the annual training if you want to be eligible for a district or global grant.  We have our dates for these trainings.  They are as follows –


New! GMS Refresher
for those that have attended a GMS in past 1 year

Thursday, March 19, 2015 Saturday, April 25, 2015
5p-8:30p 9a-11a
Madison Wisconsin Dells
More Information & Registration More Information & Registration

Space is limited, so please don’t wait to register.  Our district will not be doing a training at the conference as we have done in the past.  We will only offer the 3 trainings mentioned above, so don’t miss out.  If you have any questions, please reach out to me at  Thank you.

Joe Ruskey
District Rotary Foundation Committee Chair


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Club News, Events and Announcements 

It's Official!  The new Chippewa Valley After Hours Rotary Club has received their Charter!

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Kids Against Hunger - Rock County Rotary Inc.

Kids Against Hunger –Rock County Rotary, Inc. a project of the Edgerton, Beloit and two Janesville Clubs will be hosting the largest humanitarian service project in Rock County’s history when they bring over 3,000 volunteers together on Sunday, May 3 to package 1,000,000 meals (4 semi trailer loads) for hungry people both locally and around the world.  One quarter million meals will be sent to the Philippines, Haiti and Guatemala and another quarter million will be kept locally for use by area food pantries and the Salvation Army of Beloit and Janesville.

The entire project will cost around $125,000 and is being financed with funds from the four clubs, local businesses and organizations, individuals and possible a district grant.  For learn more about how you or your club could volunteer or contribute, go to 


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10 Things I learned at PETS
By:  Ben Bauer, Marshfield Sunrise President Elect

1. Rotarians Are Amazingly Generous:

Upon arriving to PETS, I was greeted by some familiar and friendly faces…and a lot of underwear, I mean…seriously…A LOT of underwear. Check out the picture of the boxes of socks and underwear Rotarians brought for the Chicago area Salvation Army. This isn't even all of it, there were dozens of the huge boxes full of the stuff. In addition, thousands of dollars were raised for the Foundation and Polio Plus through raffles and such. Rotarians seriously know how to step it up.

2. We Have To Tell Our Story:

As Rotarians, we are all a certain level of humble. While in my opinion, this is a beautiful thing, just as we are all responsible for doing the things we do for humanity, we all have to remember to spread the word of our deeds on occasion. This is essential to recruiting new members, creating awareness for our club and Rotary International. Did you know that 4 out of 10 people have never even heard of Rotary? Another 4 out of the same 10 have heard the name "Rotary" but have no idea what we do. In fact only 2 out of 10 people have at least some basic knowledge of Rotary. This must change. Do you have a Rotary "Elevator Speech"?

3. End Polio Now (We really, really are THIS close):

Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan are all that are left. Nigeria hasn't had a case since July, if that can hold for a year. Africa, yeah…the continent…Africa, will be Polio free. Despite new challenges from the Taliban, Polio is being forced to the corners of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Polio Plus needs to remain a focus of our organization, now more than ever.

4. Rotary's New Brand Identity:

Being a graphic designer, I got my fingers on this one before PETS, but the fact that Rotary is actually pushing this brand out all the way down to the club level is fantastic. We've already updated our website, and we'll continue to update club documents and other materials in the near future.

5. District Grants Are Powerful:

The cash is available. The cash can be used for so many great things. Every club is in a community that needs the cash. Every club can use the cash for something locally or globally. Seems simple to me. Let's put our heads together and see who our club can help next.

6. We Need To Set Some Goals:

While our club has always done a great job raising money for Polio Plus and the Foundation. Can we step it up? Do we need to step it up? I don't know that answer yet, but in my presidential year, with your help, we'll answer those questions. (Did you know that clubs who don't have a clear Foundation goal donate $45 per capita, whereas clubs that DO have a goal donate $103 per capita?...That number is real.)

7. Rotary Direct is Super Easy:

Donating to the Foundation, Polio Plus or any other Rotary cause of your choosing is so easy. A simple form can set you up to give with a bank account or even a credit card. Any amount, quarterly, monthy, pretty much as often as you'd like. If we all signed up, we'd be at 100% Paul Harris in our club in no time (Bob Trussoni just smiled :) All the contributions go to Every Rotarian Every Year.

8. Feedback is Good:

We have a great club, but what could we do better? Getting feedback is essential to finding that answer. It won't be constant, but checking in with our members is something I'd like to see us do a bit more. That way you can yell at me for creating silly Top 10 lists.

9. We Need a Renewed Focus on Membership:

The skills and gifts that we all bring to our club are the reason we are able to do the great things we do. But in our club, our district and even worldwide, Rotary's membership has either dipped or stayed level. Who in our lives would make a great addition to our club? Why haven't we asked them? Our district membership has stayed level or lost members for 15 years straight. Our club has lost 13 members since 2011. Let's turn this thing around.

10. Our Club is AWESOME:

While the previous 9 items on the list, may have proposed some challenges to our club, that doesn’t mean we're not "doin' it right". We do a TON of things right. Hearing some of the issues that other clubs have, hearing the positive things that several people have said about our club at a district event, and not to mention my love for our club and this organization tells me that we are doing a lot of things right. We are essential to our community, and we accomplish so much. The sky's not the limit for our club, let's shoot for the moon, or further!-

See more at:


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RI News

The Rotarian Magazine

The Rotarian Magazine is our link to the greater Rotary world. The pictures and stories tell us of the wonderful work that is being done, in and through Rotary, to make the world a better, safer and a more peaceful place…all because we are advancing the key elements of social justice, health projects, and educational opportunity and alleviating the dire effects of poverty.

A person is not free if they are hungry. A man is not free when he has to watch his children die because of the lack of clean water or adequate food. A mother will not be free if her sick child cannot receive medical care and when people are not free they will seek social justice even if it means going to war to achieve it.

Our magazine, paid for in our RI dues, is not junk mail. It makes you and me “literate” in the great story of Rotary. Read it. Share it with others. Drop it off in a public area where literature is offered, a dentist's reception area, the waiting room at your local hospital or when you go to your accountant's office to pick up your tax filings. Plant the seeds of Rotary by sharing our great story.

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Update on Annual Giving

New RI Foundation Donation Forms

Club executive members can now download a Multiple Donor Form that is pre-populated (filled out) with details of club members including their ID number. This form is on at member access. Club presidents and club secretaries have access to this form. Also club treasurers and club Rotary Foundation chairs can get this form if they have been registered on member access by the president or secretary. Select the club members who have donated and add the amount of each donation. The new form makes it easy to forward donations from a group of club members who contribute weekly, quarterly, etc. More Info.

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Attendance Report

Reporting Tool for District Attendance

Check out the reporting tool for District Attendance!

Clubs can view each month’s attendance in a visual graph. Also Club Secretary’s can request access to update their information directly online!

Click here to submit your club's attendance report

Click here to see the full Attendance Report.


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