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February Edition

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District Governor's Message

Our video this month introduces the February Rotary Theme, "World Understanding."  In the video District Governor Ryerson notes some of the activities of our District that are important to this theme.  A major activity to developing World Understanding is our District's Rotary Youth Exchange program.  Lives are changed when clubs support outbound and/or inbound students through this program.  Pictured here are members of our District's Rotary Youth Exchange Committee who attended a recent meeting of the Board of the Central States Rotary Youth Exchange Program near Chicago. 

From left to right:  Inbound Coordinator David Cush ( Madison West Towne-Middleton, Rebound Coordinator Bill Pritchard (Rotary Club of LaCrosse-Downtown),Outbound Co-Coordinators  Doug and Sharon Richmond (Rotary Club of Lodi), and incoming District RYE Chair Jan Bonsett-Veal (Rotary Club of Oregon).   Also in attendance were District Governor Dean Ryerson and District Governor-Elect Dave Warren.

Dean Ryerson
District Governor 2013-2014
Rotary District 6250

District Video Message 



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District News, Events and Announcements

2014-2015 Rotary Theme Announced

District Governor-Elect Dave Warren attended the annual Rotary International Assembly in San Diego in January.  The Assembly provides training for 537 District Governors-Elect from around the world.  At the Assembly, Rotary International President-Elect (RIPE) Gary Huang introduced the 2014-2015 Rotary Theme, "Light Up Rotary."

In explaining the theme, RIPE Huang reminded the attendees of the great Chinese Philosopher, Confucius, whom he sometimes refers to as “the world’s first Rotarian”.   According to Huang, “Confucius said, it is better to light a single candle than to sit and curse the darkness”.  He added, “This one line sums up everything we think in Rotary.  There are so many problems in the world, so many people who need help, and many people say, there’s nothing I can do, so they sit there and do nothing.  Everything stays the same.  This is not the Rotary way.  The Rotary way is the Confucius way.  The Rotary way is to light a candle.  I light one, you light one, more than 1.2 million people all light one.  Together we light up the world, and that is what I want you to do.  I want you all to LIGHT UP ROTARY!”

“Light Up Rotary is a short and simple theme.  It’s easy to remember and makes perfect sense once you learn the context in which it was created” said District Governor-Elect, David Warren.  “I am really looking forward to sharing RIPE Gary Huang’s message with the members and clubs in our district who already do so much to embody the spirit of this year’s theme!” 


ROTARY WORK DAY - Saturday, April 26, 2014

All Clubs in District 6250 are encouraged to involve your members in a community service project to observe Rotary Work Day. This is a great opportunity to be visible in your community and showcase Rotary and the great impact it has in your town!
You are encouraged to get local press coverage and to submit a picture and short article about your project for the District 6250 neweletter.
Plan now to make this another great Rotary event!!

          SERVICE           FUN           FELLOWSHIP

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Summer 2014 Youth Exchange 

Help spread the word to recruit strong candidates age 15-18 for Rotary’s short-term summer exchange program. Interested candidates Click Here to learn more.  Applications (downloadable from the district website) are due February 28th for next summer.

There are many country options in Europe, South America, and now in Japan too! Help us grow the program to 25 participants in District 6250. Help your club RYE Officer identify one or more participants for 2014.

Janine O’Rourke, STEP Chair
Fitchburg/Verona Rotary

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Leading a Volunteer Organization Focus of Leadership Academy

Our District presented a second Leadership Academy for Rotary Club and District leaders on Saturday, January 18, at The Spring Brook Resort in Wisconsin Dells.  Facilitated by Roth Judd (Rotary Club of Madison) and District Governor Dean Ryerson (Rotary Club of Madison West Towne-Middleton), positive comments from program evaluations means the District is planning on holding another Academy in the fall of 2014.  Twenty-four Rotarians, a full program complement, attended the workshop.

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District Club Liability Insurance 

Worried about the need for liability insurance for your club's project or fund-raising activity?  It is important to remember that your club is covered for such events through Rotary International.  To learn more about the U.S. Rotary Club & District Insurance Program, as well as review copies of the actual insurance policies, summaries, loss control documents, and the certificate of insurance, please visit the Insurance Information Portal:

Username:         Rotarian
Password:          Resources#1

Note: Username and password are case-sensitive.  If you enter the username or password incorrectly you could lock yourself, and your fellow Rotarians, out of the portal for 30 minutes.  If you do find that the portal is not working please call 1-800-921-3172 or email

This portal is for U.S. Rotary club/district use only. Never give access to the portal to a non-Rotarian.

Please feel free to share this link/login to the Insurance Information Portal with those in your Club.

For certificates of insurance:
Please include in the Certificate Holder box:

Certificate Holder Name & Address and
RE: Rotary club/district name, Name of event /Date of event

PLEASE NOTE: The document you issue on the portal is your actual certificate of insurance.  It is not a request for a certificate.  Please hit SUBMIT FORM, print off or save a copy for your records and give a copy to the third party requesting proof of your club’s/district’s coverage. 

ADDITIONAL INSURED ENDORSEMENTS:           If you need the second page additional insured endorsement please send a copy of your signed contract, permit or completed application and the third party insurance requirements to  If a third party just needs to be listed as additional insured, additional insured status is conveyed in the Description of Operations box on the Certificate of Insurance.  DO NOT enter “additional insured” in the Certificate Holder box because that will invalidate your certificate.


If you are at work and you are unable to access the Insurance Information Portal your company’s firewall is likely blocking your access.  Please try from home or have another member of your Rotary club access the portal.  If you are trying from home and are unable to access the portal make sure you are entering the Username and Password exactly as they appear above.  If you are using a search engine other than Internet Explorer (i.e. Mozilla Firefox or Safari) you will not be able to access the portal.  Please have another member of your club access the portal for you.

If you still have questions/issues please call 1-800-921-3172 or email

The July 1, 2013 to July 1, 2014 Certificate of Insurance will not be available until mid-June.

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Multi-District PETS Provides Leadership and Rotary Awareness for Club Presidents-Elect 

Our District's club presidents-elect will be attending the annual Multi-District PETS March 7-9 in Itasca, Illinois.  Over 400 presidents-elect from seven Rotary districts will attend the annual training program for club leaders.  During the meeting, District Governor-Elect Dave Warren will lead sessions introducing attendees to District programs and goals.  Club members are encouraged to discuss the PETS program with their club's president-elect following the March conference.  It is important to thank our presidents-elect for the time they undertake as they look forward to leading our clubs on July 1. 

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The Rotary Club of Platteville to become District's Newest Club 

Plans are underway for a Charter event for the District's newest Rotary Club, the Rotary Club of Platteville.  The District Governor's representative to the provisional club, Mike Ripp (Rotary Club of Prairie Du Chien), has gathered nearly 25 applications from Platteville area future Rotarians.  The club's president, Marie Whisenant, is hoping that the charter event will be held in April.  The new club will become the District's 62nd. 

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Future Vision Grant Managment Seminars Scheduled 

Under the provisions of the Rotary Foundation’s Future Vision program, club’s desiring to participate in the grant program must be certified.  Part of that certification process is attendance at a Rotary Future Vision Grant Management Seminar (GMS). District 6250 will offer three Grant Management Seminars:

The three sessions will be identical in terms of the content that will be delivered.  Clubs need only have representation at one of the three sessions.  It is recommended that the club president-elect and foundation chair attend the GMS meeting.

Tomah, WI - Saturday, February 15, 2014 8:30am-1:00pm
Madison, WI - Thursday, March 20, 2014 5:00pm-8:15pm
WI Dells, WI - Friday, May 2, 2014 6:30pm-9:30pm


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Zone 28 News for Districts and Clubs

Hi all,
It is a balmy 18 degrees outside.  We are anticipating an significant drop of temperature in the next days. That is why I have the golf tournament on in the background.

Attached you'll find this months issue of the Rotary Coordinator Newsletter.  Please do read.  There are a number of very important items being shared with you.

Welcome home from International Assembly DGE's.
All members of the Rotary Coordinator team look forward to hearing from and working with you in our upcoming Spring activities.

Yours In Rotary Service,
Tamie Koop, PDG
Zone 28 Rotary Coordinator
District 6270 PDG
Zone 28 Newsletter Attachments:

Club News, Events and Announcements

Madison West Towne Middleton Brings ADA Pier to Lakeview Pond

Madison West Towne Middleton Rotary Club is helping to fund the purchase and installation of an ADA pier on Lakeview Pond.  Currently there are no opportunities for youth or disabled persons in the city for safe fishing.  Rotarians would be involved in the construction and installation of this pier.

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Rotary Club of La Crosse East is Helping Babies Breathe

Would you like to get involved in saving lives in Nicaragua? Would you like to be involved in a collaborative and sustainable effort to “Help Babies Breathe” in Nicaragua and to help secure a Rotary Foundation Global Grant?  The Rotary Club of La Crosse East would welcome an invitation from your club to present a program about this life-saving project.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Please contact Tom Mickelson, Member, La Crosse East at 608-516-94145 or for a presentation on this program at one of your regularly scheduled meetings. Making a donation to this project is as easy as sending a check to the Rotary Club of La Crosse with  HBB in the memo line.

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RI News

The Rotarian Magazine

The Rotarian Magazine is our link to the greater Rotary world. The pictures and stories tell us of the wonderful work that is being done, in and through Rotary, to make the world a better, safer and a more peaceful place…all because we are advancing the key elements of social justice, health projects, and educational opportunity and alleviating the dire effects of poverty.

A person is not free if they are hungry. A man is not free when he has to watch his children die because of the lack of clean water or adequate food. A mother will not be free if her sick child cannot receive medical care and when people are not free they will seek social justice even if it means going to war to achieve it.

Our magazine, paid for in our RI dues, is not junk mail. It makes you and me “literate” in the great story of Rotary. Read it. Share it with others. Drop it off in a public area where literature is offered, a dentist's reception area, the waiting room at your local hospital or when you go to your accountant's office to pick up your tax filings. Plant the seeds of Rotary by sharing our great story.

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Update on Annual Giving

New RI Foundation Donation Forms

Club executive members can now download a Multiple Donor Form that is pre-populated (filled out) with details of club members including their ID number. This form is on at member access. Club presidents and club secretaries have access to this form. Also club treasurers and club Rotary Foundation chairs can get this form if they have been registered on member access by the president or secretary. Select the club members who have donated and add the amount of each donation. The new form makes it easy to forward donations from a group of club members who contribute weekly, quarterly, etc. More Info.

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Attendance Report

Reporting Tool for District Attendance

Check out the reporting tool for District Attendance!

Clubs can view each month’s attendance in a visual graph. Also Club Secretary’s can request access to update their information directly online!

Click here to submit your club's attendance report

Click here to see the full Attendance Report.


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